Who we are

Two crazy individuals

Hello there! We are Christel and Kath, best of friends since our High school days. Kath is owner of a small net café while I am a full time employee in an accounting shared service center. We are much different in a lot of ways but we are pretty much the same in one thing; we both love to travel. We already did a lot of things together but the best part is always when we go to adventure trip together. We feel enthusiastic to experience new things, be amazed by other’s culture, meet new people and taste local delicacies. However what we want to do is not easy because traveling necessitates money and time. Kath has to look over for her net café most of the time while I have 8-5 job in the corporate world. Nevertheless thinking all the beautiful places we will be able to explore motivates us to find a way to support our dream.

What we do

Keep it simple

We used to organize our group of friends’ weekend getaways and escapades and part of this is reading travel tips and guides in the internet. That’s where we got the idea of travel blogging. Reading their background stories, we were inspired on how they turn their aspiration into reality. We then decided to start our own blog site too and that was June 2017. We are happy writing our blogs because we know that someone somewhere on earth is reading this.