What is Klook?

Klook which stands for “Keep Looking” is a travel platform that helps travelers and other users find and book tourist attractions, activities and services useful for tourists in most countries in Asia. It was founded last 2014 in Hong Kong, now with additional offices located in Shenzhen, Taipei, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta, Singapore, Manila and Kuala Lumpur.

Who uses online booking and Why?

As a result of internet availability and accessibility, travelers, vacationist and holiday-makers now prefer finding and booking tickets of attractions and activities online. Purchasing tickets online help travelers make their itinerary and estimate their budget ahead from their travel dates.



Why use Klook?

  1. Best price guaranteed. They got most of the cheapest deals.

  2. Easy booking. Their website is very user friendly. Using their ticket is hassle free.

  3. Safe booking. They require user ID and password with confirmation messages to your registered mobile number as additional security.

  4. They accept debit, credit cards and paypal.

  5. They have tour guide on some of their attractions.

  6. They have rewards system. For each purchase you earn credits which has cash equivalent. They also give credits for each review you write on every booked activity and services.

  7. Referral System. They give promo code with cash equivalent on every person you have invited going to your own invite link.

  8. Rapid expansion of their covered area especially in Asia.

  9. They have promo codes from time to time to give back to their customers.

  10. Great customer service support.

    How to use Klook?

    Click this to create your own account. https://www.klook.com/invite/SRMZ6?c=PHP

    Input all required details and confirm your registration.

    Happy Booking!!