Places to visit in New Delhi

Namaskar! That’s the first word I heard from the airport staff the moment we stepped out of the airplane in New Delhi. Though I don’t know what it exactly means during that moment I am sure it has something to do with welcoming us in India. And yes it is a traditional Indian greeting. Through my two months stay in the country I fortunately visited several attractions. Here is my list of places to visit in New Delhi.

1. India Gate

India Gate is a known landmark in the center of New Delhi. This Arch according to my local friend is a war memorial for the British Indian army who fought for the Indian Empire during World War 1. There are four eternal flames underneath the Archway and a canopy behind. There are water fountains on both side of the Arch that was enclosed in a man-made lake.

It was summer time during our visit and the place is quite crowded. Vendors are everywhere selling almost anything under the sun. Still remembers my colleague buying a pony toy. Some brought monkeys enforced to dance along the sound of the drums though I didn’t like the idea of them being used to earn money. You will also see kids swimming on the lake and climbing on the water fountain and visitors boating. We wanted to try the boating too but sadly no available boat and we are not willing to wait long. But what I loved the most is driving a small motorcycle.

I suggest that you should try it too.

Best time to visit: Before sunset

2. Janpath

Janpath translated as People’s Path is one of the main roads in New Delhi. It is located near in the business center of New Delhi named Connaught Place and commonly known as CP. Walking on this area and buying food and drinks on the street will give you that “like I am a local” feeling.

My friends bought me their most popular local soda called “banta”. I laughed when I heard it because banta in Tagalog means “threat” and yeah I really felt it was like a threat hahaha. My reaction on my first sip was “Is it really salty?”  Yes that was my first time to drink a lemon soda with salt and take note it is “black salt”. I actually liked it but not as much I like coke hehe.  Don’t  forget to go to Janpath Market coz you will never regret it. It is the perfect place for shopping especially if you are looking for affordable stuffs. If you are eyeing to buy clothes for your “ootd”, ethnic bags, jewelries, shoes, even home decorations, antiques, and souvenirs they got your back.

Best time to visit: Anytime

3. Dili Haat

Dilli Haat is a bazaar operated by Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation that is truly suited for tourists because apart from the locally made handicrafts that would make you think to buy extra baggage allowance it also showcase India’s very rich cultural heritage. Make sure to allot at least 3 hour for your shopping because Dilli Haat is a 6 acre land area and it is not only about shopping coz there are various local restaurants that offers local delicacies that you must try.

Best time to visit: Anytime

4. Cyber Hub

If you are looking for nightlife you should go to Cyber Hub. It is located in beside Cyber City in Gurgaon, Haryana. I personally like the place because it is surrounded by varieties of restaurants, pubs and cafes. They got you on your cravings coz they offer different cuisines. The place is quite different from the usual look of India and somehow when I was in Cyber Hub I felt I was in other country full of Indians. To sum it up, when I hear Cyber Hub there are three words that comes to my mind. Food. Drinks. Dance.

Best time to visit: Night

5. WOW

Worlds of Wonder (WOW) is an amusement and water park located in Noida a nearby to New Delhi. What I like on this park is it’s spacious. I had been to several amusement parks and most of them are crowded especially on weekends. But in WOW you can still breathe fresh air and enjoy the beauty of nature while walking. They have 20 rides and attractions placed in two different zones. If you love adventures you should go to “The Road Show” otherwise you may go to “La Fiesta” which is preferable to family and kids. They also have Go-Karting which I guess you should try its looks exciting. If you want to experience the water park you should go on their summer season.

Best time to visit: Summer season


Regular Ticket Rates:

Child                      498 INR or 8 USD

Adult                     599 INR or 9 USD

Sr. Citizen            199 INR or 3 USD


This might change anytime so better to check their website by clicking this link