Universal Studio – Singapore


How to go to USS?

Universal Studios Singapore is easily accessible by public transportation. Just take the MRT to the Harbour Front Station at VivoCity via the North-East line (purple line). Follow the signboards leading to the Sentosa Express which is at the 3rd floor of VivoCity. Get down on the Waterfront Station - first station of the train.
And you’ll see the Universal Globe. See Map for more info.

Where to buy Tickets?

1. One-Day Unlimited Ticket = S$68  (Buy tickets at KLOOK for S$4.4  off)
2. Universal Express Tickets =  $100

This is how your E-TICKET LOOKS

What to wear?

Singapore’s weather is hot and humid so I suggest plan your simple yet stunning and comfortable OOTD.

Recommended Clothing:
• Light Clothes
• Comfortable Shorts/Pants
• Shoes - WALK! WALK!
• Less accessories

Where to go?

Universal Studios Singapore is 20 hectares (49 acres) in size so at some point you may get lost. There are 7 themes/worlds and each consists of its own rides, attractions, live shows, street entertainment, shopping and dining areas.

1. Hollywood 
Themed after the real Hollywood Boulevard of the 1970s, decorated in full theatre styles, broadways centre and cinemas. Upon entering, it’s the first park you’ll see. Hollywood consists of:

Sesame Street Show -  Not operating the time we visit.
Mel’s Drive-IN – Small stage outside the Mel’s Restaurant where groups beat the floor!
            Mel's Dinettes- Watch the waitresses as they shake, rattle & roll!
            The Cruisers- Join them and dance to their top hit songs.
Hollywood Walk Of Fame™- Meet and greet Hollywood stars


2. Sci-Fi City
Themed after futuristic cities and metropolis, space-age technologies and the ultimate modern conveniences and the world’s tallest pair of dual roller coaster will take your breath away.

Accelerator - Whirling ride that spins riders around.
Battlestar Galactica: Human & Cylon –INTENSE  and breath taking roller coaster due to its speed.  MAIN ATTRACTION..
Transformers: 4D Ride - All hands down. The best of 4D experience ever. TRY this!

3. Ancient Egypt
Themed after the Golden Age of Egyptian Explorations.

Revenge of the Mummy -  Revenge of the Mummy is a high-speed roller coaster that includes sudden and dramatic acceleration, climbing, tilting, dropping, and backwards motion.
Treasure Hunts -  The ride takes guests on a slow tour of an abandoned excavation site. 


4. Lost World

 The world and is divided into two sub areas: Jurassic Park and Waterworld.

Jurassic Park  -  

Canopy Flyer -  4-seater roller coaster car that glides gently over the tree-tops of Jurassic Park.
Jurassic Park Rapids - Riders on circular rafts are tossed along waterways within the Jurassic Park compound.

Waterworld  -  

Live Sea WaterSpectacular -  A live-action performance that involves stunts and pyrotechnics, on a stage that is set within a large pool of water.
Amber Rock Climb - A rock-climbing attraction that is fashioned to look like a dinosaur dig site.                                                                                Dino-Soarin' -  A children's ride that spins around gently, with riders being able to control the vertical height of their carriage during the ride duration.

4.  Far-Far Away 
Inspired by DreamWorks Animation's hit Shrek franchise which depicted how the fairy-tale characters lived in daily life.

Shrek 4-D Adventure-  The story of Shrek and his quest to save Princess Fiona.
Donkey Live -  An interactive live show using digital puppetry technology, which features Donkey entertaining and engaging guests.                                                            Enchanted Airways - A junior roller coaster that trains are modeled after Dragon from the world of Shrek.

Puss in Boots -  Steel Suspended Roller Coaster  for family.
Magic Potion Spin -  A miniature Ferris wheel for children,  a potion assembly line that circles the room, bottling magical elixirs from a giant wooden vat.          Enchanted Airways - A junior roller coaster that trains are modeled after Dragon from the world of Shrek.

5. Madagasar
The Madagascar zone features a displaced cargo ship that houses the Madagascar: A Crate Adventure ride

Crate Adventure-  A water boat ride for kids.
King Julien's Beach Party-Go-Round -  A merry-go-round carousel that is decorated with all the characters of Madagascar.

6. New York 
The Madagascar zone features a displaced cargo ship that houses the Madagascar: A Crate Adventure ride

Lights Camera Action-  You'll witness creation of special effects that mimics a major hurricane about to hit New York City
Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase - A high-flying adventure through the space mission.

Best Part?

The best parts would be  –  TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 4D Battle.   Spent the ride with my mouth just screaming not because it's Scary but it was super COOL, AMAZING, THRILLING, EXCITING,  I just loved it added to it I am with of my closest girlfriends and sister.  Masaya lang talaga.

Worst Part?

It would have been good if we have map handed on arrival but sadly  we missed it.