Traveling on a budget from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia? Take a Bus.

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  • December 5, 2017
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There are several options going to Kuala Lumpur if you are coming from Singapore. You may take airplane, train or a bus. But if you are a budget traveler like us we suggest you take bus. Here’s why?

  1. There are many bus companies traveling from SG to KL and most of them are situated in malls or shopping areas.
  2. Many bus companies offer affordable fares for as low as S$20 however these bus companies take different route and add an hour or more to your travel time, approximately 6-7 hours.
  3. The latest bus schedule is 1:00am so you can travel at night to arrive in Kuala Lumpur early in the morning.
  4. There are bus companies that offers business class/VIP accommodation and only takes 4-5 hours travel (but of course more expensive than regular buses)
  5. Like plane tickets you can also purchase your bus tickets online.
  6. No need to buy luggage allowance unlike airplanes
  7. There are buses that alighting in Berjaya Time Square, just 25-30 min walk to KLCC
  8. Able to see the scenery if you are traveling on daytime
  9. Can save money


Purchasing Ticket

We bought our ticket at Golden Mile Complex that is around 15-20 min walk from Little India where our booked hotel is located. We bought our ticket at Season Express for only S$20 it’s just a regular bus but clean and comfortable. There are several ticket counters in the area where you can choose to purchase your preferred bus. You may roam around the area while waiting for your departure just make  sure to be back on or before 5 minutes. Golden Mile Complex is known as the “Little Thailand” of Singapore. For Thai food lovers there are several Thai food restaurants inside. You may also buy your snacks in the supermarket situated at the second level.

  1. Five Starts Tours
  2. Grassland Express
  3. Kwang Chow Travel
  4. Sri Maju
  5. StarMart Express
  6. Transtar
Golde n Mile Complex 5001 Beach Road, Singapore 199588


Bus Ticket



Inside the first bus
Our 2nd bus is double decker.

For online booking:


After around an hour the bus stopped and arrived in the border of Singapore, please take note that when crossing the Singapore-Malaysia border they just need your passport but please also bring your valuables and then leave your luggage in the bus. The process is fast it took us less than 5 minutes but unluckily for some as their passport did not work in the automated machine so they have to go through the manual procedure which took them around 30-40 minutes due to long queue.

After around 15 minutes from the SG border you will arrive at the Malaysian Border and this time you have to bring all your stuff. There are too many passengers crossing the border so expect a very long line but if you are a Filipino like me then it will be really easy for you. There is a separate immigration office for Filipinos on the other building; it took us around 5 minutes. Then the long trip starts.



STOP- OVER: Yong Peng Lucky Garden 

A 40-minute stop over to grab something to eat  and transfer bus.


Tips in crossing the SG border:

  • Always bring a small bag where you can put your passport and valuables
  • When queuing in the automated machine prepare the first page of your passport where your personal data is written.

Tips in crossing the Malaysian Border

  • Greet and smile to the officer when your turn comes.
  • If you are wearing eyeglasses like me, take it off when passing the immigration as well as your hat, bonnet, or cap and sunglasses if there is any.
  • Keep your mobile phones in your bag or pocket
  • Don’t forget to say Thank you once you are done