SG’s Tourist Pass Plus


As a budget traveler one of our main concerns is the transportation cost that’s why we are more likely inclined in using our destination’s public transportation.  Recently we had a 4 day trip in Singapore and one of our questions is if we will buy a Singapore Tourist Pass or we will just purchase their local reloadable card. I have read several blogs and they have different opinions about it. Some wrote that purchasing ez-link card will save more penny coz the range of fares using MRT is .60 to 1.5 dollars depending on the distance of your destination. You can buy ez-link card for S$12 (S$7 balance and S$5 being a refundable deposit) while cost of SG Tourist pass which offers unlimited ride in SG’s public transportation depends on the number of days you wanted to avail. Honestly we have not decided it yet until we reached Changi Airport.


One of our goals is not to take any taxi or Grab and Uber because we find really expensive. I approached the person in the information center to help me decide. I asked the cost of the card for 3 days and it is S$38 but according to some blogs it only costs S$20 but subject to S$10 rental deposit.  I also asked the counter clerk if it has rental deposit and he said none and then added “you don’t need to return the card”. So clearly I was confused but purchased the card anyway coz we have to take the MRT going to woodlands to stay in my friend’s apartment for a day which is quite far from the airport.


He handed me the card accompanied by notepad, post card and a brochure. He then said that we can avail some perks and discounts we only need to present the card in participating stores, attractions and restaurants on the brochure. I was curious on what I just bought so I checked the card and there it is, STP+ (Singapore Tourist Pass Plus). If you are going to ask me if it was worth it for us, then the answer is “Yes” but it is because we made a lot of travel during our whole stay and it is indeed convenient. Returning the card is not a concern anymore. (I find it hassle plus I personally consider transportation cards as a souvenir).

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I also tried to compute our travelling cost and it was roughly S$35. The hotel we stayed in is about 3-5 minute walk from Little India Station so we actually use the MRT often especially the sun is searing in Singapore.  Though I have regrets since we did not take the discounts and perks seriously which is I guess the very advantage of STP+ so please if you choose STP+ go avail some of the perks, there are good deals waiting for you.


I hope this will help you decide.  You may also leave comments below that might help us in case opportunity knocks to visit SG again.