Masungi Georeserve



        Masungi Georeserve made rounds on social media last year 2016 for it’s campaign SAVE MASUNGI. Both professional hikers and non-hikers gets excited to experience and witness the fusion of rock nature and human made spider-web.  My imagination of tropical forest turned into reality and is one of the most beautiful landscape I’ve ever seen. SERIOUSLY! I was really fascinated and impressed how they turned it like the “safest JUNGLE ” without causing so much damage on rocks rather preserving it’s landfill.  



10 things to EXPECT!! 

*A park ranger will be assigned to your group and will briefly explain the trail. 

  1.  Most of the trails are a bit easy, concrete path is provided.
  2.  Entering caves can be pretty tough but sure you can! 
  3.  Climbing hanging bridges is the trilling part. You’ll love it! 
  4.  Learn more  about flora and fauna and  other wildlife.  Park rangers are so   knowledgeable. Para kang nag-Educational Tour. 
  5.  You’ll feel like a spider at SAPOT (web). Best for IG.
  6.  Walk, sit, sleep, relax at the Duyan (Huge hammock). Run if you can.
  7.  Solid picturesque of mother earth! Ang GANDA! 
  8.  A lot of cool bridges to cross.
  9. A complimentary fresh calamansi juice and a sandwhich will be given after the trail. 
  10. The bonus part, FRESH AIR! Bes yung fresh air na araw-araw pinagkakait sa iyo ng city! 

There are a lot more good things to expect but it’s for you to experience 🙂 


Through Alt3rnate Route organized by Ms. Jenny Beundia our visit made possible. If you want non-hassle trips, like their FB Page for more info.  

To know more about Masungi:                                              

Masungi Georeserve Contact
Facebook: masungigeoreserve
Instagram: masungigeoreserve

Reservations (Book Here

Conservation fee
• Mondays to Fridays = Php 1,500 per person
• Saturdays and Sundays = Php 1,800 per person