Month: November 2017

SG’s Tourist Pass Plus

November 28, 2017

As a budget traveler one of our main concerns is the transportation cost that’s why we are more likely inclined in using our destination’s public transportation.  Recently we had a 4 day trip in Singapore and one of our questions is if we will buy a Singapore Tourist Pass or we will just purchase their […]

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SG’s Top Rated Attractions

November 25, 2017

Where innovation, creativeness and environmental solutions meet. There’s so much more in Singapore that 3 days wouldn’t be enough.  Its 719.1 km²  packs endless must-visit and must-see tourist spots worth every penny.  Considered the most modern city in Asia,  impressive architecture, futuristic buildings, interesting historical sites and aesthetically preserved nature. Needless to say, Singapore seems to have it […]

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Masungi Georeserve

November 8, 2017

                Masungi Georeserve made rounds on social media last year 2016 for it’s campaign SAVE MASUNGI. Both professional hikers and non-hikers gets excited to experience and witness the fusion of rock nature and human made spider-web.  My imagination of tropical forest turned into reality and is one of […]

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When in Ontario, CA

November 6, 2017

Ontario which means “Lake of Shining Waters” is the second largest province in Canada. They almost have everything, from amazing sculptures, diversed landscapes, lakes, mountains, rivers and water falls. I love being outside in the wild but I don’t have the luxury of time to during my visit in Canada. I made a simple video […]

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Burning FATS can be FUN!

Let’s hit some shuttlecocks.. Hello! It’s been a while since our last post and most of it are food reviews.  Last night, instead of dining out we decided to burn some fats and gave our body some rush.  Chrizzy’s main sport is badminton so we searched for a sports center near Commonwealth, Quezon City and […]

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