5 Essential Things to Pack!

5 Essential Things to Pack BUT


Travelling abroad can be exciting but forgetting essential things can ruin your trip. No one wants to run and search in a foreign country looking for things.  So for a hassle free trip always list down all necessary items you need a week before your planned trip.

    1. Medicines

      Whether it be a one week vacation or 2-day vacation, it’s safe to have essential medicines. Some countries also have strict laws against buying medicines without prescription. General medicines for sickness, antacids, decongestants, pain relievers are some important ones to bring on board.  On my last trip I suffered itching problems because of my food allergies.  It took me time to talk and explain to their pharmacy to hand me some medicines. Thanks they gave me one!

      Photo Source: Ali Express

    2. Adapter

      How many times have you forgotten a travel adapter?! In my case, two times. In HK and KK, good thing the hotel in HK has spare adapters but sadly in KK they don’t have one.  Here’s a tip, bring at least two type of ADAPTER and save your money!

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      ” If the voltage and plug type differs from what’s used in the United States, you’ll need an adapter, converter, or perhaps both. To make it easier to figure out what you’ll need we’ve put together a list of the most popular travel adapters used per country and region, along with helpful illustrations.”

      Source: Sky Scanner

    3. Baglocks

      The first best guard to protect your belongings is to have them locked. Always bring locks. Locks can be old-school and less fashionable but it will definitely save you. You’ll never know when you might need one.


    4. Powerbanks

      Batteries seem to die quicker due to the use of cameras, travel apps, social media and GPS. Powerbank can prolong the batteries of your gadgets. Just make sure to charge them in full.! Guys, it’s life saver. I recommend ASUS Powerbanks it exceeded my expectation.



  1.  Ziplock Bag

    Ziplock are amazing and really really helpful to many things. Makes it easier to pack and protect belongings from liquid spills, separate clean and dirty clothes, also wet clothes. You can also put your smartphones in Ziploc if you have water activities.

    Photo Source: Ziploc 

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