Elsewhere in Romblon, Romblon

So what’s with Romblon? The small island of Romblon, Romblon is popularly known as the Marble Capital of the Philippines. It’s a place where you can literally see endless mountain of marbles. Aside from marbles, Romblon has numerous nice uncrowded beaches which you’ll definitely enjoy especially when most of them are FREE for public. Recently Fureza San Andres, the 17th-century structure that stood still in time has been declared as a national heritage and became one of their main attractions.

Since it’s a small island, I challenged myself to wander the Island for 1,000php only. And to fully maximize my day I rented a scooter for 600 php so I can effectively manage my time and make stops whenever I see beautiful places.


Note: Travel fees and travel time via bus and 2go are not included in 1,000 pesos.

Here’s my Itinerary:

06/20/2017 (Tuesday)

6:30        PM         – Departure via bus (JAM Liner)

9:30        PM         – Arrival at Batangas Port

10:00     PM         – Departure via 2go Shipping lines

06/21/2017 (Wednesday)

6:00        AM         – Arrival at Romblon, Romblon Port

7:00        AM         – Breakfast at Mom’s Plate

9:00        AM         – Waited for the Scooter Rental to open

10:30     AM         – Lamao Beach Resort

11:30     AM         – Fureza San Andres

2:00        PM         – St. Jospeh Cathedral

3:00        PM         – Snack at Buknoy’s Siopao and check Pasalubongs at Romblon Shopping

4:00        PM         – Bon-Bon Beach

6:00        PM         – Dinner at Island Bistro

9:00        PM         – Departure via 2go

06/22/2017 (Thursday)

5:00        AM         – Arrival at Batangas port

If you are afraid of RORO Ship , I  highly recommend 2GO shipping lines. 

  • Clean
  • Organized
  • Accommodating Staff
  • Good Food
  • Charging Stations everywhere
  • Live band at roof top
  • Free linens
  • Free food
  • Commendable security

Arrival at Romblon Port


Breakfast at Mom’s Plate

Time       : 7:00 AM - 9:00 AM
Location   : Just beside Romblon Port (Few walks)
Food Price : 100 pesos

There are a lot of cheaper restaurants in town but since I didn’t book a hotel to stay, I need a place where I can sit and organize my whole day in Romblon. I ordered a full meal for 100 pesos  (one rice, one viand (bopis), instant coffee and bannana).  I was so hungry that I forgot to take a picture of the restaurant and my food. 😛  But I took this photo inside the resto using my cellphone. 😛



First STOP!

LAMAO Beach Resort

Location          : Sitio Tungod Brgy Lamao, Romblon
Entrance          : 50.00 pesos

From town proper, it will only take 15-20 minutes to get to Lamao Beach Resort, but it took me almost one hour because along the road, two things captured my attention:

1. Marble mountains and marble rocks alongside the road. 
2. Big and small marble craft-works.

I continued my drive to Lamao Beach Resort after small talks with workers. Despite secluded location of Lamao Resort, they have almost everything you need for a comfortable and enjoyable stay. They have infinity pool, Jacuzzi and room accommodations as well if you wanted to stay overnight. Staffs are very accommodating and the entrance fee is really cheap.


The place is clean and well maintained; trash bins are located everywhere for proper waste disposal.  During my short stay, I felt at home and at peace.



We can all agree that nothing beats the scenic spot of mountains and white beaches in an overflowing pool. I will definitely go back and spend more time there.

2nd STOP!

Fureza San Andres

Location          : Barangay Uno (1), Romblon, Romblon
Entrance          : 20.00 pesos

From Lamao Resort I went back to town proper to check out the popular Fureza San Andres.  Back then it serves as watch towers to easily spot possible attacks from sea pirates and intruders. Moving forward this fortress is renovated to get back to its former glory in a different purpose.  It is sited on top of ragged rocks but with the great effort of the government of  Romblon it can be easily reached by foot. The view at the top is BREATHTAKING!






Thanks to Rev. Pedro De San Agustin, A.R., also known as Padre Capitan for the initiative to build this guard tower way back 400 years ago.

3rd STOP!

St. Joseph Cathedral 

Location : Right in front Town Plaza
Entrance : FREE

While taking pictures of the belfry, I felt like I’m part of an old era. Little did I know that St. Joseph Cathedral is considered as the oldest Roman Catholic church in the province and was one of the 26 colonial churches declared as National Cultural Treasures in 2001. Roaming around the compound  I asked some teenagers if the bell is still working and surprisingly it still rings.  I desired to ascent to the bell but sadly it’s prohibited.





4th STOP!

Buknoy’s Siopao

Location   : Go FIND IT!
Food Price : 10.00 pesos

Eat lokal. Buknoy Siopa is so cheap yet so delicious. For only 10.00 pesos you’ll have a special siopao asado. You know  what makes it unique? The sauce is already inside and the mixture is just perfect. Delisiozo!


Romblon Shopping Center

The shopping center is their best place to buy marbles ranging from small to big souvenir items. You can find keychains, lamp shades, vases and sculptures for your pasalubong.

Extra Tip: Though keychains are small it’s still heavy. 🙂 

5th STOP!

Bon-Bon Beach

Entrance : FREE!! FREE

Finally I was able to see the famous Bon-Bon beach where everything is blue and bright. The sea was calm and the panoramic landscape of mountains was so peaceful that as if the day was made almost perfect for me. But it was just almost because of the few empty water bottles that scatter on some part of the shoreline. As we enjoy its natural beauty and so let us not leave our trash.


Tip: I recommend that you visit during low tide so you can cross all the way to Bang-ug Beach



6th STOP!

Island Bistro

Location : Beside Marble Shopping Center
Food     : 140.00

After a long day, decided to eat dinner at Island Bistro. They serve Filipino and American dishes. I tried their Mahi-Mahi burger, it was good enough to satisfy my stomach. Their servers are really accommodating and entertaining.


Did I make it for 1,000 pesos? Yes, I DID 🙂

Scooter Rental    - 600.00
Gas               - 100.00
Lamao Beach       - 50.00
Fureza San Andres - 20.00
Buknoy Siopao (2) - 20.00  
Dinner            - 140.00
Water             - 30.00

Total             - 960.00

I still got 40 pesos for some pasalubongs :)