Soleful Places in #TablasIsland


When you need tranquillity, I bet you it’s the perfect spot. We all know that Philippines is known for white sand beaches but most of them are too crowded. Enclosed by green hills & crystal waters, Tablas is the exact place you need.  Believe me, Tablas got it all for you – caves, waterfalls, springs, mountains and beaches, name it. Rest assured you’ll find their own simple versions of famous places in different regions of the Philippines.

By the way, if you wanna know in depth history and facts about Romblon:

Let’s get this straight and easy, we listed 10 spots for your future soleful activities in Tablas. 

Recommended Transportation:

Rent a motorcycle at Tablas Scooter so you can enjoy #TablasIsland without worrying to catch the next tricycle and jeep trip. For one day you can visit at least 3 places in a specific municipality. But if you are planning to explore Tablas in groups we also recommend Romblon Tour Deals for hassle free escapade.  At end of the blog, our 2-day itinerary is posted.

Here’s our sneak peak:  Click HD for a clearer video. 

1. Sunflower Farm

Location: San Andres, Romblon (20 min from Odiongan Port)
Entrance Fee: 30.00 Php (No time limit)

SFWho’s up for a flower-maze challenge? Told you, they got their own simple version of the well liked places such as Pangasinans’ Sunflower Maze. For only 30 pesos, you can wander and get lost without time limit.


The space between the walls of sunflower can accommodate up to 4 persons. But if you’re not into flowers, go challenge your friends to finish the maze as quick as possible. For those selfie addicts, you will never go wrong with this place. It will definitely add color to your photo, so unleash the model spirits in you.

2. Bamboo Farm

Location: San Andres, Romblon (20 min from Odiongan Port)
Entrance Fee: FREE! :)

Next stop is another Farm in municipality of San Andres but this time it’s for FREE. Yes, you read it right, FREE! It is Bamboo Farm located in a hill top near the sunflower farm.


The scenery is just amazing that we stopped several times to enjoy the air and the view. Undoubtedly a great place filled with serenity and peace of mind. But take note, there is no signage or direction going to the farm but since it is alongside the road you may easily find it. Once you reached you will hear the buzzing bees and rustling leaves, a total relief from the city’s stress.

Outdoors isn’t always a comfortable hide-out but when you take things slow you’ll be able to feel at home even in the isolated wilderness, right? So visit the place get wild like Jane Porter of Tarzan, or be like Tarzan, jump, get high but don’t forget to capture that.

3. FootPrints Beach Resort

Location: San Andres, Romblon (20 min from Odiongan Port)
Entrance Fee: 100 Php (Consumable)

Still in San Andres and the temperature is getting hard to endure. We were gradually moving on a scooter ride because our eyes are still in awe of nature’s beauty. Suddenly, there’s a rush need to sip an ice-cold fluid to keep our cool so we decided to find a place where we can relax a bit while enjoying some chillers.


After a 20 minute drive from Bamboo farm we luckily found FOOT PRINTS. From its name I guess you already knew that it is a beach resort. And as much as we complain about the hot weather, their fresh mango fruit shake is a real thirst quencher. No milk and sugar needed! Their mango has perfect sweetness that we nearly ordered another one.

It is small, simple and cozy beach resort and its simplicity made it a perfect place to rest. It will cost you 100 pesos for entrance which is consumable, they allow taking pictures for free but make sure not to exceed 5 minutes. You can feel the warmth of island’s wide open spaces, their sand is clean which is ideal for walking, running and jogging plus an awesome view of coconut trees.

I guess there’s something on bamboo chairs, sea breeze and smell of ocean that  makes it more relaxing while reading your favorite book. While for those who don’t want to lay down on sand, they have rattan made and camping hammock. You can sway all day long, take power naps or just savor the wind and humming birds that passes by.

By the way, they also offer room accommodations for solo and groups.  You can check their Facebook page here.

Recommended Transportation:

Rent a motorcycle at Tablas Scooter  

4. Looc Marine Bay Sanctuary

Location: Looc, Romblon (40 min from Odiongan Port)
Entrance Fee: 100 Php 


A quick info, a fish sanctuary is a coastal area where no fishing is allowed so that fish (and other sea life) have a sea haven to breed and grow to increase the fish stock and keep it healthy. The Municipality of Looc has done great efforts to preserve its marine life and this became one of the tourist spot in Tablas Island popularly known as Looc Fish Sanctuary.  It is located in Looc Pier, 200 meters away from Looc town Plaza and approximately 40 minutes from Odiongan Port.  You will need to register at KOIKA House and sign the waver form. Your assigned bangkero will call your name once the motor boat is ready.

Its landmark is the submerged old lighthouse and floating hut. Giving a try for 100 pesos is totally worth it! Make sure to maximize your 2 hours so you won’t regret it.  You can grab life vests for free, however you need to rent goggles and snorkel for 50.00 pesos.


To make it more exciting there is a small opening at the left side of the cottage where you could seat and feed the fish with the guidance of the life guard. Also, you are allowed to bring outside foods and drinks to fill your stomach.  Feel free to jump and dive with caution 🙂


5. Bantigue Resort

Location: Looc, Romblon (40 min from Odiongan Port)
Entrance Fee: 50 Php


Inlove with the idea of Paris’ romantic Eiffel tower but sadly no budget? Don’t worry, Looc have it and going to Tablas won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Bantigue resort is a residence turned into a small resort. Last 2014 Romblomanons flocked to see the first ever bamboo-made Eiffel tower in Tablas.  You can enter the resort for 50 pesos just be creative with your shots to make it look like your in Paris. Outside and inside you’ll see their wide collection of bonsai called bantigue.


Aside from the Eiffel tower that lights up at night their new attraction is the famous Big Ben in London, still made of bamboo and wood. Hello Europe oh I mean Tablas. Wink Wink.  If you’re hungry, great food also awaits inside.  🙂


Bantigue Resort at night. 

l26. Cummings Resort

Location: Tuguis, Looc, Romblon (40 min from Odiongan Port)
Entrance Fee: 100 Php 

Everybody loves to get out and be one with sea but what if waves are not in the mood? The answer is swimming pool with roof top bar in  the rising eco-resort located at the highlands of Tuguis, Looc, Romblon.


From the entrance to the corners of the resort, big and small white Buddha statues and cute carvings on tree’s trunk, welcomes you as if you’re in different country.  You will be amazed by the panoramic view of Looc Bay and be stunned by those monkey jangling on coconut trees. They are open from 9 am to 5 pm so do make reservation first before coming in. If you’re planning to stay till dawn they offer unique native tree cottages.

Cummings resort are owned by Canadian couple who fell in love in Tablas, so give Tablas a try! It might hit you hard.

For more details visit their website:

7. Aglicay Beach Resort

Location: Alcantra, Romblon (60 min from Odiongan Port)
Entrance Fee: 100 Php 

After delightful experience in Looc Fish Sanctuary, we then headed to Aglicay Beach Resort where the hills meets the sea in Brgy Comod-om in municipality of Alcantara. It is a private resort possessing long stretch of white sand beach with crystal clear waters. You will witness the beauty of the entire seascape when you go to the hill crest. A total 360 degrees view of seemingly unending horizons, glittering water, lush green hills and jagged rocks gracing pristine landscape.


There is small rock formation at the hillside, a good spot to take crazy shots. You can take photo standing on the 4 to 5 meter tall rock and look incredible, so be brave climb the rock bring out your signature pose.

It’s isolated thus perfect for relaxing, unwinding, and distressing. But it’s also good for  recreational activities especially when you go in groups because they offer several activity areas like basketball court, tennis court, table tennis and billiards etc.

For more details visit their website:

8. Escape Beach Resort

Location: Ferrol, Romblon (60 min. from Odiongan Port)


Yo, ho, ho! Anchors aweigh! Are you ready to escape or be forever captive? Why not both. Escape is pirate themed ship restaurant in front of uncrowded white beach, surely you’ll beg to be a captive. This resto will instantly make guests feel like walking in a dangerous pit of animal and human skulls hanging but it’s kinda thrilling. Memories of childhood flashback, as we played like we’re cool pirates before, imaginations just got real.   Who would have thought that this little island have it? Cool right?

For alcohol lovers, they offer authentic rhum and draft beer while for girls shake or coffee is pretty good. Whatever you got in your hand, let’s cheers for happiness.  For future updates, see their FB Page 

9. BCY – Baips Coffee Yard

Location: Poctoy,Odiongan, Romblon (5 min. from Odiongan Port)


Photo source: Coffee Yard’s FB Page

An island filled with beautiful sceneries can never be complete without a good place to sip hot brewed coffee. After a long exhausting day of roaming around the vicinity of Tablas we all need a coffee to soothe us. They don’t have Starbucks, Figaro, Coffee Bean, Seattle’s Best but they got BCY.  We personally witnessed their humble beginnings from a small garden backyard to two-storey coffee shop. What I love at BCY is they maintain to cope up with cities trends by serving famed desserts, milkshakes, and group meals.  Surprisingly they even offer JCO donuts,  blueberry cheesecakes, baby back ribs and many more.


Photo source: Coffee Yard’s FB Page

Their place is combination of different coffee shops I’ve seen in Manila. From the wall and furnishings, creative lamps and reflected lights, hanging vibrant umbrellas, framed inspiring quotes, classic wooden chairs, artsy cups and mug you’ll definitely pull out your phones and take photos.

So if you need long conversations and catch up with friends, their place is perfect. As the saying goes, “Coffee with a friend is like capturing happiness in a cup.” And please don’t forget to try Odionganon’s maki version, called Bukayo Maki. We tried to order but that time it’s not available but our friends told us it was delicious.

Photo source: Coffee Yard’s FB Page

10. Lily’s Halo-Halo

Location: Gabawan,Odiongan, Romblon (10 min. from Odiongan Port)


If summer ends well halo-halo fever doesn’t stop. Dubbed as the best halo-halo in Odiongan, we tried and tasted Lily’s halo-halo. For only 50 pesos you already got special halo-halo with lots of toppings and fruits. So what makes this unique from other halo-halo in Odiongan?

I guess it’s Nanay Lily’s contagious smile and her generosity in ingredients. Here are the ingredients, kaong (sweet palm fruit), langka (jackfruit), munggo (mung beans), saba (fat banana variety), ube (purple yam), mais (corn), nata de coco (coconut gelatin), pinipig (crisped rice), sago (pearls similar to boba), leche flan, stick-O topped with ice cream and an additional ingredient, peanut butter.  Plus.. plus…  lot’s of milk. Definitely worth your 50 peso. Ideal for friends and family bonding.

Crazy Feet’s 2-Day Itinerary

Mode of Transportation:  Scooters
Gasoline Cost:  200.00 pesos for 2-Day Ride
Day 1 
Gas                                               -    100.00
Beat the Heat at San Andres
1:00 P.M. - Wander at Sunflower Farm in           -     30.00
3:00 P.M. - Get Lost at Bamboo Farm               -     00.00
5:00 P.M. - Unwind at Footprints Resort           -    100.00

Relax at Odiongan
7:00 P.M. - Catch up Coffee at BCY                -    250.00

Day 2 
Gas - 100.00

Experience Looc!
10:00 A.M. - Fish Feeding at Looc Bay Sanctuary    -     100.00
12:00 N.N  - Eat Kumo at Carinderia                -     25.00
1:00  P.M. - Drop by at Bantigue Resort            -     50.00
2:30  P.M. - Swim at Cummings Highlands            -     100.00

Breathe at Aglicay
4:00  P.M. - Get High at Aglicay Beach Resort       -     50.00

Escape at Escape
6:00  P.M. - Witness sunset at Escape Beach        -     150.00
           - There's no entrance as long as you order! 

Note: We tried Halo-Halo on a different day.


Ending note: It may seemed like a faultless island but we just really wanna share our first hand experience in our hometown. If you’re encouraged to visit Tablas Island and I hope you are, here’s the information on HOW TO GO TO TABLAS.